Experience Journal

Experience Journal is a visual framework that helps creatives to observe and think about spaces around them. Use of this notebook encourages user to develop their own thought process and methods. I launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise production cost and have successfully funded $10,472 which was 4 times more than the initial pledge. My larger vision is to see this notebook in the hands of people around the world who might not have access to quality education.


Personal project




Creator, Conceptualization, Visual Design, Marketing

Design process

This project started as a personal passion project and grew up to be shared with many more others. Over the past few years, I have been researching and compiling ideas for Experience Journal for myself with a hope to become a better designer by being better at observation and analyzing what piece of experience made me feel in a certain way. I applied design thinking process in my own creation, and repeated process of researching, prototyping, and user testing until it felt right for the mass production.
Tools used

Adobe illustrator & indesign, printer, scissors, needle, many more paper glue and drawing materials

Conceptualizing and understanding what types of notebooks are currently available
Low fidelity prototypes and user testing. Looking at how people use journal differently helped finalizing design decisions
Logo sketching
High fidelity prototyping
Successfully funded on Kickstarted
Production: Handcrafted in Seoul, Korea
Sold at stores in New York City

My takeaways

  • One of my goal for this project was to find out the overlapping interests between myself and others. I believe that the best way to create truely meaningful things for family, friends, and the society is to bring out the best of myself.
  • Keep working on passion project no matter what you do for your day job to continue to be inspired and creative.